Registration Type Cost
Poster 600000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-06-13)
Local Participant (Early Bird) 300000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
Local Student Presenter (Early Bird) 600000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
Local Presenter Single (Early Bird) 750000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
Local Participant 350000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)
Local Student Presenter 800000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)
Local Presenter Single 1000000.00 IDR (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)
International Participant (Early Bird) 40.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
International Student Presenter (Early Bird) 80.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
International Presenter Single (Early Bird) 100.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-05-16)
International Participant 75.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)
International Student Presenter 100.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)
International Presenter Single 150.00 USD (Registration Closed 2018-06-06)

Registration Manager

Name Cut Morina Zubainur
Phone 085260043204

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